07 March, 2016

Alex Niggemann has set out to further blur any remaining boundaries between house and techno, gravitating towards the melancholic atmospheres that he loves and avoiding petty sub-genre pigeonholing as much as possible. He, quite simply, lives and breathes musical evolution every hour of every day. Which is why, when Alex announced his upcoming tour that will be stopping off at Chinese Laundry in April, we caught up with him to get the low down on the tracks he's loving right now.


Cryptic - Radiance

Since I first sneaked into my brother’s room at very young age to play his records, Johannes Heil aka Cryptic was one of my heroes. This track is so simple but so beautiful and effective. 

It’s in my box this month and probably won’t leave it for a while.


Heiko Laux - There There (Dub)

Also one of my old heroes who is back in spotlight after a while. I have Kanzleramt & Heiko Laux records going back to 1994. He dropped a brilliant album last year, but the original was already one of my favorites. I was really happy to see the remixes coming through with another great version of this tune.


Daso & Pawas - No Lead (Chymera Remix) - Soulfooled

This is an absolute banger. Since this one was signed in 2015, I’ve been playing in it almost all of my sets and it usually picks the crowd up immediately and starts the journey into a great night. The original is already ace, but Bren (Chymera) brought it to perfection.


Alex Niggemann - Angular - AEON

Ha Ha! Shame on me for doing some self promo here. But regardless, I so enjoy this tune even though I’ve heard it probably a million times while producing and playing it. It’s really one of the few tracks of mine I do not get bored of after a while. 


Mathias Schober - The Set of Drums (Drums’n’Sequence) - Lossless

My very close friend Mathias Schober aka Show-B aka SB for me is one of the best producers and most underrated people in this business. He always finds the right keys (/drums) to touch my musical soul. His new release on his own imprint "Lossless“ does just that. A good friend…an even better producer!


Catch Alex Niggeman at LNDRY on Saturday, 16th April. Tickets on sale now.

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