Top 5 tracks with Dom Dolla

03 September, 2015

Ahead of his headline set in the Laundry this Saturday, we quizzed Aussie house producer Dom Dolla on what tracks he's loving right now.


Tâches - Eat Your Friends (Ft. Shoffy)

My little sister first sent me this about a month ago while I was on my way home from the studio. Her message simply read "m88888".

The vocal has some serious laid-back steez, and the Rhodes keys and bass line really add to it. Safe to say I'm a massive Tâches fan. I'm still flogging his last single "Prints Of Whales” from a few months back. If you haven't heard it yet, do yourself a goddamn favour kids.


Eats everything feat. Tiga vs. Audion - Dancing (Again!)

I recently read somewhere that, although this isn't an original production, Eat's Everything is basically the facilitator of the greatest club mashup of 2015. That being Ron Costa’s 'Gez Uri' and Tiga / Audion's 'Let's Go Dancing’. 

I physically cannot help but move when I hear this out and about, so much so it's even made it onto my late-night grocery shopping playlist… cleanup in isle 3.


Lianne La Havas - Don't Do (Grades Remix)

My UK homie Grades emailed me this one a few months back. I've been a big fan of his work for a while (he knows it too). 

He's gone for something quite different from his regular sound with this one, the percussion almost has a Katranada-esque, 'push-pull' feel. The bass melody and vocal chants give it some serious feel good vibes, get around it.


Balut - Bot & Tony Quattro

(Appears @ 3:55)

Since leaving Crookers and starting up Main Course records, Bot has been injecting some serious cool into the US club market. Both he and his label mates Astronomar & Neoteric have something super unique going on.

Not limiting themselves to house, Main Course tends to release anything and everything that screams unique in club music - the weirder the better. I recently heard their catalogue described as  "a sound-designer's wet dream” (lol). This little club number has been really nailing it on the dance-floor for me lately, blowing the roof off a number of times. Should be out real soon!


Catch Dom Dolla at LNDRY this Saturday.

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