Spenda C Celbrates 10 Years As A Chinese Laundry Resident DJ

09 October, 2014

To celebrate 10 years as a resident at Chinese Laundry, Spenda C has spent some time reflecting on his favourite memories over the years.


Living up to his excellent reputation and continuously impressing us with his skills, he's also included an amazing mini mix of some party starting tunes.


Spenda C


MY FIRST SET was in the Sandbar. I got there an hour before my set and drank as many Pure Blondes as I felt would sufficiently calm my nerves. The first record I played was DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat. Paul Azzopardi came up to me and explained it wasn't really a Hip Hop kinda bar but that's all i had planned to play. These were the vinyl days so no having a huge backup of tunes on usb. I had one option....make it work! Luckily I did just that and from then on I was a resident at Chinese Laundry.


The first big support slot I landed was WARMING UP FOR Z-TRIP NYE 2006. This was one of those special nights. The stage was set up in the garden, you could see the fire works in the sky, we had a great crew of friends and the vibes where high. Z-Trip is not only one of the best DJs in the world, he is also a dead set legend and nice bloke too. This wasn't just another club show this was a real party...the kind of night you want to last forever.


I've had the privilege to work with so many amazing DJs from all over the world but one that stands out above the rest is AJAX. We were both residence at Laundry together until he left to live in Melbourne around 2008. Whether he was doing an opening set or a headline slot he always put 100% of himself into his craft and that's what made him such an amazing DJ, his sets where an extension of himself. Even when he fucked up it didn't matter because he always had the crowd on his side and you just new he'd pull it back together and deliver something special. A true legend!


The craziest night I've ever seen in any club was the night of FLOSSTRADAMUS & LUNICE. The line up to get in was up the stairs, over the foot bridge and down to Cargo Bar! The vibe inside the club was a mix of excitement & anticipation as suspense hung in the air. Once Floss finally started to a barrage of death strobes and 808s the place just exploded. I needed to take a break from the mayhem and managed to catch the end of Lunice's set in the Cave. I can't think of any other DJ that could play Spice Girls - 2 Become 1 and have a whole crowd throwin elbows like it was a rap show!


With so many memories of great times already had I'm really excited for THE FUTURE. Landry's "New Cycle" has just been launched and the calibre of acts coming up are absolutely world class. You can catch me most Friday nights at the Bassic parties. So here's to many more good times and great parties.


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