Q&A with Bella Sarris

02 December, 2014

This weekend, Bella Sarris returns to the cave for LNDRY, with Format B. After playing at Laundry regularly over the years before moving on to seasons working for Richie Hawtin in Ibiza as a member on the ENTER. PR team, this year holding residency at ENTER.Sake, and now living in Berlin, we cought up with her to learn just how these experiences have influenced her as a DJ.


  • You have come a long way since your humble beginnings playing in the Cave at Chinese Laundry, now you’re a resident in Ibiza playing alongside Richie Hawtin at Enter, how quick did this all happen for you?

Very quickly. I put it down to the travel I did when I was young. My curiosity and desire for musical experience took me to dance floors all around the world and introduced me to some very influential people. This included Ibiza and Richie, yes. It was this experience on the dance floor and desire to create this for others, combined with the huge support and belief from these people that allowed me to do this. So yes, being in the right place at the right time was a huge part of it, but I didn't have these humble beginnings at Laundry, none of this would have ever happened. 


  • What’s your favourite memory from your sets at Chinese Laundry?

I can't really give you one specific moment, they were all special in their own way. It's easy to make moments at Laundry because everyone is there for the music and open to what you offer. I'm grateful for this.  


  • How do you feel you have developed as a DJ over the past few years, through all of the experiences you’ve been a part of.

Experience has given me confidence. I was very lucky to be thrown in the deep end early. I feel more comfortable in my own musical skin than ever before, but I am still discovering my sound. I just try to be present and soak up as much as I can from my surroundings and the incredible people who fill them. My education has only just begun.


  • After achieving international success with DJing, will you be trying your hand at production any time soon?

 Yes, of course. Winter in Berlin will help with that. Hibernation and music. 


  • What’s next in between now and the next season in Ibiza?

Well, first up is a little adventure back to Sydney, which is long overdue. It's not a tour or anything, its more to see my people, eat everything and get some sun before berlin freezes over. It doesn't mean, however, that I can't combine these things with a party or two. In fact, it would be hard to escape it with the family and friends I have. 

After this I'm back for some gigs in Europe and also go to Peru for the first time. Then I'm taking the whole of January off to work on music. That's as far ahead as I can think right now… 


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