Phil Smart Archive Set - Recorded Jan 2004

26 October, 2015

We're going old school in this CL Sessions with a live mix recorded back in 2004 from Chinese Laundry resident, Phil Smart!
Chinese Laundry turns 18 this November and we've been digging through the archives to bring you some snippets of the fantastic history of the club!
Enjoy this mix from Phil Smart and catch him playing as part of CL18 on Saturday 21st November!


Phil Smart's most memorable night at Chinese Laundry

I’ve played at quite a few different incarnations of the Laundry over the years, but it’s my residency in the Cave with the Good Vibration crew in the early 00s that stands out the most. It was just after we’d finished up with Tweekin, and it was great to move on to another solid weekly residency along with partner in musical crime, Sugar Ray. There were many memorable nights with international guests and awesome local live acts like Infusion and Alpahtown, as well as collabs with live musicians like Dave Jizz on percussion and Aya Larkin from Skunkhour on vox, which were always fun. I reckon the support for quality local DJs and live acts was always key to the Laundry’s successful longevity.
One particular thing I remember from my time in the Cave was getting to know a bunch of deaf kids who used to come down regularly to dance. With the heaving sound system in there at the time, they used to dance to the feeling of the bass hitting their bodies, talking to each other in sign language across the dancefloor. That’s always stayed with me and I’ve told many people about that crew over the years.

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