BASSIC Fridays - The Highlights So Far

21 November, 2014

BASSIC, since its birth way back in august has become my sweaty, bassy, crazy little child, and its been really good to see it do so well since we launched it! Its a night that seem to just keep getting better and better, and in such a short time ive already been able to witness some of the biggest sets i have ever seen to date! 


If i had to list the most hecktik nights so far it would probably go a little something like this: 


Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Our opening night, kicked off with some serious Drum & Bass all night long! The vibe in the laundry was so sick and everything sounded so huge. I reckon its fairly safe to say Drumsound & Bassline Smith kicked BASSIC off perfectly, and since then the nights have just been getting bigger and bigger! 



Another sick night was without a doubt Party Favor. This was such a sick night, Party Favor was one of those bucket list acts for me and i definitely wasnt let down, he absolutely smashed his whole set and the whole crowd was going mental! Click here to view the video.



Another group of bucket list acts that i was looking forward to from the moment i saw them on the schedule was both LOUDPVCK and GLADIATOR. ​For me these nights were probably my favourite since the launch. I've never seen a full on circle pit unleashed in a nightclub before, and definitely not one dominated by mostly girls... until those two nights, literally hair extensions and bucket hats flying everywhere! 


Watch this CRAZY video from GLADIATOR. And this one from LOUDPVCK is just HECTIC.



I think its safe to say BASSIC has seen some absolutely huge nights and there are plenty more on the way. Im really looking forward to the future of BASSIC as we have some stupidly good nights locked in already.  I've met so many awesome people and had some crazy nights already and we really are still only just getting started... which is really exciting. If you witnessed the bass heavy, sweaty madness that is standard for a BASSIC night, then i suggest you do, its hell sick!




Written by Jackson Donegal, your Friday Night Bassic Host!

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