10 things with NGHTMRE

09 June, 2015

If you were a Disney character, who would you be?

Buzz Lightyear


Best dance move?

I’m pretty terrible at dancing so maybe trap arms? lol


Favourite cereal? 

Ummm, Honey Nut Cheerios never fail me.


If your music were a pizza, what would you be?

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza


Best advice you have ever received?

No matter what you do, 1/3 of people will love it, 1/3 of people will hate it, and 1/3 of people won’t care. So trust your gut and do what you want.


Best advice you would give?

Same as above.


What are your thoughts on cats?

Most of them suck but occasionally there are very awesome ones. Big cats are where its at.


What hobby do you have outside of music?

Hiking! I like traveling and exploring parks/beaches in places I have never been.


Favourite track at the moment?

Holla Out VIP from Jack U and Snails


Which artists are inspiring you the most?

DJ Snake, GTA, Jack U, RL Grime, Valentino Khan 


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